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Samsung Tab S3 (Wifi)

  • 9.7?inches?Display
  • 4GB?RAM
  • 32GB?Internal Storage
  • 5MP?Front Camera
  • 13MP Back Camera
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Samsung Tab S3 (Wifi)

Samsung Tab S3 (Wifi)

The entire day, the day
Glass Style

For the first time, enjoy the sleekness of your iPhone and all the perks of your smartphone. The polished glass back of the Samsung Tab S3 (Wifi) gives you a sleek look that feels good in your pocket as well.

The Party
This is the flesh

The lighter the better the viewing experience. The Galaxy Tab S3 screen provides colorful and lively images, and with HDR video replay capability, you’ll get a true-to-life view that takes you into the content.

Your place

From gaming to video, the Galaxy Tab S3 offers a high-quality visual experience. The Snapdragon 820 processor in the tablet sets a new record for CPU performance and GPU size. Plus, Vulkan graphics will push the game to a whole new level, while HDR video support will make the scene come alive.

Four cameras,
Fabulous sound for me

The Galaxy Tab S3’s quad-phone gadget has a sound coming from every corner, directly following the direction of the screen. So you’re going to hear every note, whether you hold it horizontally or vertically.

Game on

The Galaxy Game Launcher was developed for the Galaxy Tab S3 screen, including the Power Saver mode and the Silence Games and Ongoing Calls functionality. Link the amazing graphics of the Vulkan API framework and the different games available in the Galaxy Game Pack for non-stop gaming.

Start writing to the

The new, refurbished S Pen looks and writes exactly like your old ballpoint, plus it doesn’t need to be recharged. Measuring a diameter of 9.4 mm, it provides a secure and supportive grip. And we reduced the tip to 0.7 mm, with the clearest, most accurate handwriting ever achieved.

Not only some sort of ink

The pen is more powerful with S Pen-specific applications. Easily add relevant updates, events, and more to Samsung Page. Then let your artistic side collapse by publishing your latest artwork on PEN.UP or composing a song on Soundcamp.

Not your type

Thanks to its sleek form, the dedicated keyboard guarantees fast typing and fewer typos. Plus, the keyboard links directly to the Galaxy Tab S3, making networking a breeze.

* The keyboard would be sold separately.

Load easier, play longer

With longer battery life and easier charging, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the plug.



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