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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip


  • 6.7?inches?Display
  • 8GB?RAM
  • 256GB?Internal Storage
  • 10MP?Selfie Camera
  • 12,12MP?Back Camera

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip full screen that folds up for an innovative compact monitor in your pocket, a stand-alone camera and a dual battery that lasts the entire day. See the telephone that transforms the world.

Impossibly compact for maximum impact.

For an excellent design that fits easily in your pocket, bag or bag, Galaxy Z Flip folds to surprisingly small.

See the future with every fold.

It’s a brand new type factor that can be folded. Tiny, permanent, and everything you’ve previously owned.

Beauty is in the hand of the beholder.

The distinctive shape factor of Galaxy Z Flip is strengthened by an unexplained visual presence with incredible complexities in your option..

The full screen that fits in your pocket.

Infinity Flex Show of Galaxy Z Flip is an immersive Dynamic AMOLED monitor with amazing color efficiency. It’s 6.7 inches of fantastic cinemas with reduced bezels and no tap.

But make it fold.

Take the first-ever Galaxy pliable glass panel. Right, we said glass folding. Crafted from Samsung Ultra-Thin Glass, it offers a sleek, flat-screen for an awesome view.

Made to last. Fold after fold after fold…

The Hideaway Hinge is inspired by a lotus flower and is specifically articulated for adequate folding movement ? also for modification of the folding angle. Sweeper technology lets you repel grit and pollutants in order to keep the folds as clean.

The smartphone that can stand on its own.

Flip app Galaxy makes for hands-on video chats and otherwise unattainable selfies. Fold it, tweak it, bring it together. It reinvents the pictures you take on your computer, however, you set it up.

A new perspective on how you shoot photos.

Galaxy Z Flip folds and preserves its location in many ways, allowing you to catch beautiful, narrow-angle pictures that interpret images that trigger thinking. The new power pose is named.

Ready for the night?scene.

Even at night the camera of Galaxy Z Flip is strong. In a video job with light traces, seconds of longer exposures are separated. And you can pose like a tripod when put on a phone and work with Night Hyperlapse to capture you in a different direction.

A whole new angle on video chatting.

Enhance your phone call to a Google Double video call and enjoy a smoother 10MP front camera video chat immediately.

Half screen, full?control.

Flex Mode divides applications in half and places the buttons in the underside, placing the top half in a viewing area.

Do it all. All at once.

Level up your app use by having two open at once. Multitasking is even better on the massive 6.7″ screen with Multi-Active Window.

External notifications go with the flow.

And when the handset is plunged, tap and swipe to power the handset. The cover screen will tell you at a glance, while contextual continuity allows you to seamlessly switch to applications when your phone is unfolded.

The power to go on and on and on.

In less space, the dual battery retains more power so that you can fold and scatter during the day. So, Galaxy Z Flip’s all-day battery is designed to make the most of any charging using 3300mAh (typical) and cutting edge intellect.



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