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Samsung Galaxy S20


  • 6.2?inches?Display
  • 8GB?RAM
  • 128GB?Internal Storage
  • 10MP?Selfie Camera
  • 64,12,12MP ?Back Camera

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Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20

See Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. The way you record and upload your life is never the same with groundbreaking 8 K Video Grab, 5 G networking and room zooming up to 100x. You never knew you had even a step away unexpectedly.

A huge jump for smartphone imaging in resolution and zoom

108MP lets you pinch in. Again. And again. And again

Our new zoom is not possible on a cell phone

8 K Camera grab revolutionizes how images and footage are taken

8 K Grab Vid?o
Capture smooth images with a mobile camera that is staggeringly high in resolution.SINGLE TAKE

Shoot one shot, produce multiple pieces.

That’s beast mode blast. Single Take AI records a number of still and video formats in up to ten seconds with a single press, enabling you to concentrate on the right shot without thinking about how to catch it.


Power on and on
and on?

We have solid, 5000mAh maxing batteries (typical). But even they are intelligent to conform to your smartphone preferences in order to save power and to go further so that you can watch, enjoy, talk, and refresh text for hours.

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