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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite


  • 6.7?inches?Display
  • 8GB?RAM
  • 128GB?Internal Storage
  • 32MP?Front Camera
  • 12MP,12MP,12MP Back Camera

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Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite

Crafted to be lovely and clever

With a sleek, smooth-metal frame curving towards ergonomic ease, the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite has a masterful style.
Choose from 3 vivid and bold shades-Aura Shimmer, Aura Black, and Aura Red.

A video projector in your left palm

An almost bezel-less 17.03 cm (6.7″)1 full HD + super amol?d monitor is equipped with the immersive Infinity-O display to offer still less interruption. A fingerprint on-screen scanner for safety-like vaults has been installed on the screen.

It IS Available
Will to do something

The S Pen is the magic curtain of your mobile. The S Pen makes you more imaginative and innovative than ever before, whether it is an inspirational drawing or a written note.

Conceived for consistency
And Sleek and Beautiful

With its 0,7 mm point and 4096 pressure levels, the Bluetooth unibody S pen is just as sensitive and flexible as the plumbing of the document.

Enjoy the 3D videos

Bringing your view of art into a new realm with AR Doodle. Draw the smart S Pen in 3D. For eye-catching images, your designs will monitor your face and space around.

S Pen’s your remote control now

You can snap a shot, scroll through pictures and play and pause your music without touching your phone screen with your air acts.

Turns handwriting into text automatically

For Text Export, easily type in the readable text that you can edit, paste, and exchange for your project notes.

You can still text on the phone

Using the Screen Off Memo by pop-out of the S Pad. In many colors, write and draw. Then save or lock the image on the Ever On Show to Samsung Notes.

Unleash your concept

The PENUP app is a social network that attracts and interacts with others. The Galaxy Note 10 Lite is a successful art party. Create and submit your work to share, update, support, and repost in the PENUP network.

Fire as a pro

From front to back, the Galaxy Note10 Lite features a robust multi-camera setup, which improves ordinary images and videos with the ease and simplicity they deserve.

Three viewpoint image images

Begin with the Ultra Large Camera and extend into a 123 ? area for shots that capture everything in reality. Fire skewed Large Angle images with dual pixel processing or zoom in for a good close-up on the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) Telephoto Cameroon.

Concentrate just on the problems

Galaxy Note10 Lite adds Live Focus effects to your mobile shot. Today, the artist will take blur from the backdrop or even attach extra camera filters to ensure that the pictures are still in a special environment.

Super steady gives smooth and normal action

Get footage without the disease of action. The camera measures movement by taking more than a million frames from a catalog that eliminates movements in your images.



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