Nokia 106


  • 1.8?inches?Display
  • 4MB?RAM
  • 4MB?Internal Storage
  • 800mAh Battery

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Nokia 106

Nokia’s 106 2018 is an input phone format that is release without GPRS and EDGE support, meaning that you can use this phone only to make calls and messages. Nokia 2018 is 111.2 mm long and 49.5 mm high, and if we talk of the thickness of the phone’s slimness, it is 14.4 mm thick, which is a fair indication of the body of Nokia 106 2018.

The weight of your phone is 70.2 grams, which is not too hard to hold in your hands and can fit into your pockets comfortably. Dual SIM slots are within 106 2018 by Nokia and both SIM cards use will only accommodate nano-SIM cards. The size this screen is 1.8 inches and it’s make up of a TFT display, because if we’re talking about 106 2018 colors, then 65 K colors are use to add colors to your computer, and now you can see it in better colors. The monitor resolution is 120 x 160 and the 2018 Nokia 106 pixel density is 111 pixels per inch. This phone is power by a Mediatek MT6261D chipset that uses its magic to run all your tasks perfectly. 4 MB of RAM is included in Nokia 106 2018 although only 4 MB of internal storage is available for use.

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