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HomeShopProductsApple iPhone 11 Pro(64GB)

Apple iPhone 11 Pro(64GB)


  • 5.8?inches Display
  • ESim & Single Sim
  • 4GB?RAM
  • 64GB?Internal Storage
  • 12MP?selfie camera
  • 12MP,12MP,12MP?Back Cameras
  • PTA?Approved?+?AirLink official Warranty

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Apple iPhone 11 Pro(64GB)

(PTA Approved)

And then there was?Pro.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro(64GB) is a three-camera transforming device that provides lots of functionality without being difficult. A battery life change unparalleled. And a mind-blowing chip that doubles what a smartphone can do and breaks the barriers. Will you be able to call Pro on the first iPhone.

Pro camera system

Combine cutting-edge innovations with the legendary versatility of an iPhone for the first triple-camera setup. Capture four more scenes up to four times. Get lovely pictures in dramatically less light. Shoot the best-quality footage on your mobile and use the same camera apps if you want. For anything like that you never fired.

Elegant, immersive interface.

We took advantage of the broader perspective to see what is going on beyond the picture frame ? and press it to catch it. And almost nothing but a new Pro camera font exists between you and your subject. You are also still completely absorbed in the action.

4K video

record?life-friendly,?smoother, and?more?informative?footage.?

Night mode

Low light meets high tech.

The new Night mode uses smart tech and A13 Bionic to offer low-light shots never before possible on your iPhone, from restaurants with dim lighting to sunny beaches. Anything immediately happens. Manual controls can also be tested to turn more information and lower noise.



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